Looking for ways to grow your business more efficiently?  In that case, you should consider the automated Walmart dropshipping business. Why? Because passive income is an excellent strategy to generate extra cash flow. And e-commerce dropshipping has made it easier than ever before.

But is Walmart automation worth it? So let’s find out what exactly Walmart automation is and whether it is the “next big step” for your business.

What Is Walmart Automation?

Walmart automation is a process of setting up a business where you hire an automation service providing company to watch over the sales on Walmart Marketplace. The service ensures an experienced workforce, a successful supply chain operation, and the growth of your Walmart dropshipping store.

Here’s a list of services a Walmart Automation agency generally provides:

How Does Walmart Automation Work

The Walmart Marketplace allows third-party sellers to list and sell their items on the platform, similar to other online marketplaces. But unlike Amazon or eBay, you will need to register tax ID, EIN, DUNS, and other official documents to join Walmart as a seller. And that’s just the beginning! There are different types of product categories, and you need to understand the market. So, now you have to research products, look for dropshipping sellers, list the inventory on the Walmart website, shipping, customer support… the list goes on.

All these repetitive tasks are time-consuming, and that’s where Walmart Automation services come into play. Services provided by an experienced agency can make Walmart Automation dropshipping a lot easier. The agency takes care of the legal and onboarding process, research and list products you want to sell on your Walmart store. Besides, they handle the business website, customer service and feedback, manage inventory, and add up all the numbers to increase your profit margin.

Wondering where you fit in as a client? Well, you have to pay the upfront cost for setting up the store and have a decent amount of consistent credit lines to fund it. The higher the initial capital, the better the chances of you receiving double-digit profits in a short time!

Is Walmart Automation Worth It?

Of course, it is. Imagine your business running seamlessly by a group of experts while you just collect the profit every two weeks. That is precisely what Walmart automation dropshipping is all about!

So, let’s find out how automation services help you flourish your business.

1. Hands-free Passive Income Source

Walmart Automation helps you improve cash flow, increase business stability and security. In effect, passive income saves you time to generate and experiment with other business ideas. But remember, success comes after a significant amount of investment, be it money or time.

2. Hassle-free Business Model

Because the automation service provider handles the sales, you have enough freedom to pursue your passions. So go on skydiving or travel the world as your business grows seamlessly. Moreover, the clients have complete control over their store and can make changes regarding products, online sales, or messages at any time.

3. Run by Experts

No training manual, no problem! Your investment is in the safe hands of professionals who are entirely familiar with the dropshipping business. Your success is the agency’s responsibility.

4. No Inventory Needed

The best part about dropshipping is you don’t need to own the inventory. Instead, the product information is (amount, address, date, etc.) sent to a third-party seller to ship the inventory when an order is received. So, you dont need to pay for storage, utility, or other expenses. And guess who manages the delivery process? The automation agency.

5. Efficiency in a Growing Industry

The e-commerce industry is growing, and Walmart is now investing millions of dollars into its growth. As the efficient use of resources is essential in any business, Walmart Automation can spare you time, money, and effort.

6. Expanding Marketplace

Why choose Walmart instead of Amazon? Although Amazon is undoubtedly the biggest e-commerce platform right now, it is highly saturated. Market saturation increases when the volume of a product or service meets the current demand. However, due to Walmart’s strict seller policy, multiple businesses aren’t offering similar products to the same customers on Walmart. Besides, Automation services will take full responsibility from the onboarding process to customer dealings.


Dropshipping business is now expanding worldwide, and Walmart is offering you to start a business today. If you have previous marketplace experience, then that’s great! But if you are a full-time employee or a college graduate, Walmart automation can help you create a reliable passive income source. Besides, Automation services can show you success and profit more effectively than doing it all by yourself. Should you take on the challenge is up to you.

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