E-commerce business is booming here in the US now more than ever. As a result, Walmart Marketplace has seen a 79% sales growth in the 2021 fiscal year. Unfortunately, scammers and money-grabbing schemes are all over the web due to this rapid growth. So, is it safe to start a Walmart Automation store? On top of that, is Walmart automation legit?

There are methods you can follow to stay safe from scams and start a legal Walmart Automation store. So, let’s find out what you can do without further adieu.

About Walmart Automation

Walmart Automation is just as the name suggests- an automated service to run a Walmart store. Here you hire a Walmart Automation agency to take care of your Walmart store other than you doing it yourself. Agencies have far better experience maintaining a Walmart dropshipping business. They will watch over the onboarding process and sales chain.

About Walmart Automation

Initial onboarding includes store setup, providing your EIN and other business permits, and creating a business website. A team of experts will then research products you wish to sell, look for potential third-party sellers, and list them on the store. Later, it’s all about shipping the inventory and maximizing the profit.

But, can’t you do it all by yourself? You may be wondering why do I need Walmart Automation?

Dropshipping business is risky, and you will need the experience to generate profit efficiently. Generating sales, shipping, customer support, returns are also part of the bigger picture. If you know the business well enough, then you’re good to go! But if you aim to create a passive income source and see profit without much hassle, you should hire a Walmart automation agency.

Is Walmart Automation Legit?

The short answer is YES. But there are multiple factors related to this answer.

First of all, does Walmart allow dropshipping?

A few years ago, Walmart introduced its Drop Ship Vendor (DSV) program. Thus, Walmart permitted vendors or suppliers to dropship their inventory. But the company also allows sellers to trade the same products in their stores, according to the Walmart Marketplace Seller’s Guide.

But Can You Use Automation to Run the Dropshipping Business?

Automation services only watch over the work you were supposed to do to run a Walmart store. So, there shouldn’t be any legal issues if the agency goes by the Walmart seller’s standards.

But Can You Use Automation to Run the Dropshipping Business?

However, legitimacy doesn’t only rely on the marketplace but the service-providing agency as well. So, here are few precautions you should take to conduct business with an agency safely.

Since Walmart Marketplace allows dropshipping, selling products from a third-party vendor is now easier than ever. And that creates a chance for frauds to promote high-profit business schemes and steal other’s money. So, extreme caution is a necessity when starting Walmart automation dropshipping. You can check out Walmart’s Fraud Alerts to educate yourself about these scams.

How To Start Walmart Automation Business?

Maintaining a Walmart business is time-consuming. You need to scroll through different marketplaces for products at a lower price and calculate your profits. Moreover, a proper business model is a must. You need enough capital and maintenance to flourish a stable business.

How To Start Walmart Automation Business?

To start a Walmart Automation business, the first thing you need is enough cash to invest. The agency will ask you to submit an upfront fee that helps them set up your store and pay extra expenses. This fee varies among different companies from $10,000-$50,000 approximately.

Apart from the upfront fee, you also need to invest in the inventory. In that case, the more you invest, the higher the profit margin.

However, you need to finance every inventory when the service provider suggests. Otherwise, there won’t be enough profit to run the business, which may void certain contract terms.

The automation agency will take care of the rest from here. And, you get to enjoy the benefit of a passive income source without lifting a finger!


Imagine all the time, effort, and extra expense you can save by using Walmart Automation. Not to mention the business expertise the service offers. What’s more interesting is that Walmart allows store owners to dropship on their marketplace. So there are no legal issues to use automation as long as the agency follows the Walmart standard for sellers. So, sit tight, relax, and pursue other dreams while the automation agency takes care of your expanding passive business!

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